Premium Brand Distribution

What we believe in

Since 2009 we are home to many exciting brands in artistic perfumery and cosmetics. We treat brands appointed to our services as our babies, we give them passion and nourish them with the right food at the right time. We do not only sell products ... we deliver customers 360° solutions with our unique blend of digital and brick-and-mortar initiatives. Constant investment into our organization and processes is key in this respect. Our aim is to have only the most skilled people aboard and give them the best possible stage to perform their individual talents. We believe in empowering people to grow with their challenges, participating in the success of the company and taking pride in what they do. Having fun in what we do, sharing open communication culture while sticking to commitments is in our DNA and we are happy to work together with partners which think likewise.

Changing markets require fresh thinking and new answers

Who we are

Encondi hosts profound, international management experience from small/midcap companies up to multinational Dow Jones heavyweights - all in the premium segment of their respective industry. No matter which business field we are about to take on, our unique blend of creativity, transparency and effectiveness paired with strong business ethics will create comfort along the value chain!

Klaus Stein is Founder, Owner and Managing Director of Encondi. Tired of flying the globe and the political effort in his senior management position with a highly reputed industry giant, he was on sabbatical when the opportunity in NYC arose in NYC. After a succesful career in Sales & Marketing of premium consumer products in such diverse fields as Food and High-Tech and with experience in midcap companies as well as in global players with complex matrix organizations, he felt confident to manage his own enterprise now. Having worked in Europe, Asia, North- and Southamerica learned him to be openminded for new opportunities and cultural diversity to create mutually interesting business with a longterm horizon.

What we do

DISTRIBUTION: We have the complete set. Our customers reach from mostly privately owned prestige perfumeries and luxury department stores to perfumery chains and institutes - offline and online. Our sales and training managers are known to leave a strong footprint with customers. All flanked by channelspecific 360° marketing approaches. Our supply chain is best-in-class with mostly next day delivery to customers and very low out-of-stock ratio. We listen closely to the objectives of interested brands and will consult fair and transparent topline expectations with bottomline needs.

CONSULTANCY: We host top consultancy expertise from former projects with McKinsey, BCG, Bain, A.T. Kearney to name a few. We can offer you effective consultancy services with focus on sales, marketing, supply chain, organization and finance - from topline strategy to turnkey solutions. We will make strategic and operational implications transparent, identify chances and risks together and distill individual and effective go-to-market approaches. Implementation support can be provided as well.

How it started

The idea for Encondi evolved with the founder, Klaus Stein, during his sabbatical. A pleasure trip of him and his wife to New York City took a sudden new direction when a promoter at a luxury department store sold them an unknown skincare brand at a steep luxury price tag. Klaus Stein was so impressed by the effect of the products that he had to meet the owner of the brand before flying back. A bold move with no industry background and network at the time, but his confidence in the demand for such products and his ability to sell convinced the brand owner to give him the distribution rights for Europe.

Starting operations in 2010 as a one-man-show, Encondi has come a long way and is now amongst the major players in the distribution of new luxury in fragrance and cosmetics. The brand portfolio reflects this, as well as the fact that the best doors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are loyal partners of Encondi. In addition, the company is reaching out into other European countries with some of its brands.

We enrich our brands with all the right condiments needed for success!

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